My name is Damara Juneau. I am in my third year of the Middle Years Program at the University of Regina. I grew up in Rural Saskatchewan and went to school in Strasbourg until I was in Grade 10. I spent some time in two different schools in two different cities afterwards. I believe my passion for wanting to teach in a small town came from the amazing experiences I had in school growing up. I enjoy living in a small town setting and hope to eventually teach in a small town one day. Throughout the various schools I went to I was surrounded by amazing teachers that inspired me to follow my dreams of becoming a teacher. Every time I think about how they have inspired me in my life, I realize the impact I can make on my future students. This is one of the most rewarding things when you become a teacher. Education has always been one of my biggest passions, I love learning and helping others learn. I can remember being in Elementary and wanting to be a teacher. I always wanted to help friends and my siblings when they had a hard time understanding a new concept. I always found a way for them to be involved in their learning, which in turn always helped with their understanding. This is what lead to my passion of differentiated instruction. I know that this career is challenging, but for me any challenge I may face does not outweigh all of the rewards that comes with teaching. My goal as an educator is to create positive relationships with each and every student. I want to have a positive impact on my students as well as inspire them to achieve their goals, just like my teachers did for me.